In what seems almost to be lost in time, left behind in history, a beautiful farmhouse nestled in the countryside. Olive trees stretching as far as the eye can see and pools shimmer between the rows of vines.
Scented private gardens, a stoned oven for fresh bread and seasonal jams, free range chickens scratching the earth and delicious oil and wine made by the landlord. And who can forget the sky ... such a high sky that shimmers with cobalt, a vast expanse that plunges into the sea.


It is the true synthesis of a beautiful, serene and proud Italy.
Italy where time freezes enabling the soul to regain its energy.
Indulge in dinners under the stars, long walks over rough roads, the sea on the skin until the sunset aperitif.
Through us you will discover a magical land, away from the imaginary collective. Land of languorous rest days, of authentic flavours, of the art that charms, and of nature that relaxes, recharge, and regenerate.

Charming residences, unspoiled places, exclusive experiences away from the routes beaten by mass tourism and intense, genuine taste will return authenticity to your emotions.
Everything had been designed according to the principle that striving for excellence is our driving force. Always.


With passion for the land and respect for local life, we will create for you a special corner of the world where you finally feel at home. A place where you will want to come back to every year because, as a dear friend, you will feel drawn to its genuineness, its affection and its energy.
A land where you can return to nature, ensconce the soul, inhale the breath. A balance of elegance, aesthetics and simplicity create this ultimate luxury.
A lyric, a poem.

Physical and Spiritual Distance


In the rush and chaos of modern life, space, quiet and time take on a special value.


Long standing agreements with the owners of exclusive residences allow us to offer wonderful retreat in which escape and realign the soul and discover the joy of being part of a place steeped in its own traditions.


Italy made up of campaigns, pristine beaches, mountains.
And plenty of room to breathe.



Sleeping in a historic home, relaxing in a hermitage perched on high cliffs. Recharge your batteries in a mountain cottage whilst rediscovering the taste of real food in a farmhouse surrounded by the Tuscan hills.


How much have you wished for absolute silence?

Go Wild


To feel truly free all you need is pure nature and a bit of madness.


Italy lived independently, a quaint life, starting with excursions down winding country lanes until finally coming to a stop in charming medieval villages.
Climbing higher in the mountainous landscape, rapid swirling around and around to enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the soul of the place.


Enjoy for an extended time, with days that seem to last hundreds of hours.



The most inaccessible bays of the Amalfi coast are best explored on a Vespa, riding through vineyards to reach small farms where you can stop and taste local products.
Navigate to islands away from mass tourism with no programs, no rules, just absolute freedom.


How much have you wished for beauty, nature and freedom?

Words and Inspiration


Synaesthesia is the word that plays best as we seek to make you want to travel.


Words, stories and photographs to inspire your travels and reactivate your senses.
We will enable you to take back possession of your time pulling the plug on the modern world and finding the ancestral genuineness of the discovery.
Feel part of a place without being slave to the smartphones and technologies that steal authenticity.


Because the offline life is the only one that counts.



Immerse yourself in the local reality discovering authenticity, creativity and passion of these people.
Open your mind and active your senses to collect meaningful rich moments rather than consume hurried moments imposed by package tours.
Enjoy the authenticity of local products, and capture moments as the photographer looks at his subjects, in the square and in the life of the bar.


How often have you wished for the taste of a good coffee in the morning?



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