Sparkling crystal chandeliers suspended in the air, jesters dressed up in pure white lace, a flourish of delicate white tulips, soft veils and a gorgeous wedding dress…do you dare even dream of such a perfect wedding?

To make such magic a reality, Breathe Italy can help you organise an unforgettable wedding in some of the most special and exclusive locations throughout Italy.

The intrigue of an abbey dating back to the 14th century that hides fascinating glimpses of history.
Cloisters offering a trip back in time, 15th century villas steeped in memories, Italian gardens with a magical atmosphere spotted with portals and gates, secret corners, fountains carved in white stone, alleys, and arches, what an amazing experience.
From the exclusive yacht club for the perfect, memorable wedding reception with guests wearing sarongs and bare feet, to the tranquil monastery perched high above the sea. Here among wild mint, lemon and jasmine aromas, the promise of an unforgettable experience will be celebrated in the ancient chapel or languishing by the glorious poolside.
Wine resorts celebrate the rite among fragrant vineyards from the bright green spring or in cellars and fermenting room full of charm.

Enchanting and inimitable scenery create the perfect backdrop in which to plan wedding down to the last detail: location, reception, dresses, floral arrangements, lighting, wedding cake, pelleted, tasting of cigars and rum, photographers, musicians, luxury car rental, and sensational fireworks.
Our inspiration is to leave you out of breath, by creating a heavenly atmosphere that seals your YES, between sweet clouds and the warm glow of candles and lanterns.

Breathe Italy will deal with all those "uncomfortable" commitments and allow you to just focus on your time in Italy. Wonderful places and romantic scenes are interwoven with the impeccable organisation of each service, to make your stay memorable for all the right reasons.
Car or bus to transport guests, overnight stays, transfers to / from the airports, management of documentation for the civil and religious rites, wedding list, stag / hen parties and the all important honeymoon, nothing has been overlooked
We have combined careful planning, competence and professionalism for a quality tailored event.